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Through your philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy, you will have a direct impact on critical two-generation work that will positively influence single mothers’ ability to meet basic needs, give kids a strong start, and live longer, better lives.

Join a united force of women working to advance single mothers and their children in Greater Portland.

100+ Women United members support work to advance single mothers and their children.

As a member of Women United, you will be part of a diverse, vibrant community, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to each other, to our mission, and to the communities we call home.

Other benefits include:

  • A better understanding of the critical issues impacting single women and their children
  • Membership in a community of like-minded women who contribute their personal passions, best ideas, and unique strengths to the mission of building stronger communities
  • Opportunities to volunteer with others looking to create long-term change
  • Exclusive events where you can network and collaborate with key business and community leaders
  • Opportunities to advocate for local and statewide policies that support families


Membership in Women United is based upon an annual contribution:


Founders Circle


(3 year step-up program available starting at $500)

The step-up program allows participants to contribute $500, with a commitment to getting to $1,000 within three years. Step-up participants will be recognized as members starting in year one.